1.   The office of the Deputy Commissioner, Udalguri deals with matter relating to Administration, Magistracy, General
     Administration, Relief & Rehabilitation, Development, Election, Bakijai, Revenue, Administration, Excise, Treasury matters.

In addition to the above, it also supervises the Circles/Tahsil office in respect of Revenue matters and supervise the functions of the line Departments in relation to Development works, It also look after the function of police Administration in addition to Law & Order. 

Also entertain public representation on various matters on behalf of Govt. 

2.   The office of the Deputy Commissioner is headed by the Deputy Commissioner assisted by few ADCís, SDO(S), EACís
& other Officers and staff to look after the above mentioned branches. 

3.   Each branches of the DCís office is look after by Branch officers assisted by experience staff and supervised by SDO(S) & ADCís under the over all control and guidance of the DC whose decision is final in the matter of any issue at the District level. 

4.  Any public petition shall have to be addressed to the Deputy Commissioner and submitted in Receipt Branch from there it goes to the present H.A. who in tern docket to respective branches Log Book. From there the petition is routed through Asstt. to Sr. Asstt. to H.A. to B.O. to SDO(S) to ADC and finally to DC for final decision of the Deputy Commissioner on the petition. 

5.   Land Revenue Administration is regulated by ALRR, 1886 & Land Records Manual.

L.A. Matters regulated by Act.1894/1964/1956, Magistracy Branch-Relevant Section-CRPC, 1973. Bakijai Branch - Bengal Public Demand Recovery Act. 1913. Relief & Rehabilitation-Relief Manual. 

Other Govt. instructions/Office memorandums issued from time to time by Govt. and are also followed in the discharge of day to day function. 

6.   Maintenance of records and documents are kept as per provision. 

7.   Leading citizens and members of the public are consulted relating to various matters of public importance.

8.   All deliberation of the above are published in the form of minutes for information of all concerned. 

9.   Directory of the officers & employees are maintained in the personnel Branch of DCís office. 

10. Monthly remuneration/salary are received by each officers and employees through their respective Bank Accounts opened & operated in the Treasury Bank Branch. 

11. Budget allocations received from Govt. on salary & non-salary components are available in the Establishment branch and Nazarat Branch respectively. 

12. Subsidy programme - Does not arise. 

13. Records of all certificates, permits issued from various branches are available in the respective branches. 

14. Electronic Data are available in NIC attached to DCís office. 

15. Facilitation Centre of the DCís office enters to the need of the public in getting information on any matters involving the public. 

16.  Required information are available in RTI Cell opened in the Deputy Commissionerís office, Udalguri.


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